What is a Capper Machine

If you’re here to learn what is a capper machine, we assure you will get it in the easiest way, since in Tedelta we are the best makers of this type of machines that are supposed to help you increase the production numbers on your company when it comes to the sealing of all kinds of bottles, whether they are plastic or glass containers.

In our web page we have all kinds of cappers at the best prizes of the global market. A machine made by us is going to be the perfect tool for you if you want your company to raise up its production.

In Tedelta we make the most effective and trustful capping machines which will seal the most number of bottles in the shortest of times. All of our machines includes original Tedelta machinery parts and avant-garde technology designed by our team of professionals.

40 years redefining the capping industry

Tedelta is a company that has had worked for more than 40 years in the bottle production industry, redefining the way things are done by developing the most avant-garde working systems and cappers. We have redefined the concept of what is a capper machine by making the most effective machines of the world.

We are an international company that has had the pleasure of working with the world’s most popular bottled products companies, and that’s because of our avant-garde technology, which have never disappoint any of our clients.

As an international company, we sell the best machines, reaching and even overshadowing the global standards. By doing so, we have learned a lot about the international demands in nowadays’ market and added that knowledge to perfect our machines and make them the one of a kind products just like the ones we are going to talk to you about just next.


This machine will reach all your expectations and seal your bottles in the most hermetic way with the best of qualities. It caps a huge variety of bottles with most plastic caps there are in the market. It also works with different types of capping heads in order to seal an even bigger number of bottles. This capper has a long lasting durability.


This is a decapping machine manufactured in stainless steel, which gives it an out of this world long lasting durability. It is perfect for decapping glass returnable or recycled bottles. It decaps plastic, aluminum and twist off caps like no other machine in the market.

Our products are made by the best hands

Our machines are 100% original products, designed, manufactured and built by our team of mechanical engineers, and what is a capper machine without a team of good hand behind it? All of our machines are first examined after they are finished, and once they are qualified as perfect cappers, they get to be offered to our clients through our catalog.

Special post sale treatment

In Tedelta, we like to take care of our customers even after the whole buying process is done, which is why we offer special post sale treatments that are made for the simple reason of making your Tedelta experience even better.

If you get one of our products, you will be totally covered from damage thanks to the high quality of the products.

When it comes to maintenance, we know how expensive that can be, and for that, we will give you a high quality in all Tedelta products you own.

We are your best option if you are willing to boost up your company’s bottle production, don’t look anywhere else and get a Tedelta capping machine.

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