Maximum strength and reliability manufactured in stainless steel, designed for today’s demanding DECAPPING requirements.


  • Recycling and reusing glass bottles by removing or decapping the existing used cap.

Decapping system

  • Using decapiing head CD-401-ST that’s designed with mechanical grippers which are triggered by the double cam in the decapping Torret.

    Decapping of plastic, aluminum or twist-off caps from glas or PET bottles…

The most advance technology

  • Safety system to avoid breakage of the bottle neck in case there is no cap.
  • High precision construction.
  • Automatic Torret height adjustment.
  • Ejection cap system by centrifugal fan.
  • Line synchronization and operator friendly.
  • Cap and Bottle Quick Change formats, no tools required.
  • Low maintenance equipment and long lasting durability.

Caps applications