We offer specific Turrets exchange solutions to manufacturers and end users with bottling production lines with new and used capping machinery already working on site. Tedelta’s Turrets are manufactured for high volume production markets and for reliable and demanding work process. Our equipment will process from 3000 bph to 60000 bph depending on the number of heads installed.


  • Integration into Monoblocks and Triblocks, either new or old, our capping Turrets adapting the design to the manufacture’s specific production needs ensuring the compatibility with the rest of the components.

  • Tedelta cappers process a wide variety of plastic pre threaded caps, flip-top caps, push-on caps, sport caps, special caps, etc, on any bottle or jug, glass or PET…

  • Great flexibility that allows the capper to be equipped with different heads such as: magnetic CM-706-TR, Push-on CP-101, SERVO, Magnetic capping head with gripper system model CM-706-TR/PZ or Rigid Cone, this guarantees maximum closure efficiency and reliable torque.

Cap placement system

  • Tedelta’s Pick and Place system, transfers caps from the chute to the capping head.

The most advaance technology

  • High precision manufactured Capper with reliable best reliability.
  • Cap Automatic feeding system, adapted for each specific cap.
  • Synchronized with the Monoblock Filler and process line and operator friendly.
  • Low maintenance, minimum greasing process and lasting durability.


  • Beverages, food, pharma and chemicals.

Caps applications