West Capper Machine

If you are looking for the best west capper machine, you have come to the right place to be, since we can offer you all kinds of cappers able of help you accomplish all your wishes in the bottle sealing while also increase your production numbers in the fastest way possible.

In Tedelta, we offer you the most amazing and efficient cappers, designed to work with any kind of bottles and caps in the market. By using our machines, we assure you will get a perfect sealing in all of your bottles.

Original design

Like we said before, our machines are build and design for the main purpose of help you increase you production numbers by sealing most kinds of bottles with almost every single cap there is in the market.

They can do that because all of our machines are designed and manufactured by us. All of our machines are 100% original and one of a kind. All of them comes with our logo printed on so you can really see its authenticity.

We count with the most experienced staff filled with the best professionals in all the areas that means the making of a capper. That way, if you get a west capper machine from us, it going to be the most special and efficient one, just like the next examples we are going to talk you about.


This machine will help you increase your production numbers like no other in the entire market. It has a Pick-Off system that allows you to grow your numbers up to 3000 bottles per hour. With this capper you will be able to set all types of aluminum caps in almost all the different kinds of glass bottles, with a hermetic seal and fast production time.


This amazing Tedelta capper machine will allow you to seal your bottles with the longest variety of plastic caps. It is also made of stainless steel which adds a long lasting durability to it. Plus, it´s working systems allows it to be completely operator-friendly. You can trust in this machine with your eyes closed.

We design and build for you

Here in Tedelta, we know sometimes factories needs even more production capacity since they are bigger companies. So taking that as a premise, we have developed a special service that consist design and make the most precise west capper machine from our clients’ suggestions and exigencies.

These are machines that will not disappoint you at any moment besides increasing your production numbers even higher than our usual cappers.

We got you covered

In the other hand, we now that after you get a new machine, sometimes problems might appear and slow down your production levels, and since we don’t want that to happen to you, we give you an amazing lifetime free maintenance service from our incredible team’s hand.

They will help you and solve any problem that your new west capper machine may present. Plus, the two years guarantee you get for the buy of the machine got you covered in all aspects and ways possible.

We want to make your live and work easy, and that is why we effort so hard in taking care of you and your company. Tedelta is a company that likes to always have an excellent relation with its customers, and so we have done through all of the 40 plus years making the most efficient cappers in the market.

Buy a west capper machine that will boost up your company’s production in our web store. We have a personalized 24 hs attention service. We are specialist in the market. Original pieces. Guaranteed quality like no other. Contact us!