Vacuum Capping Machine

A vacuum capping machine is what you need if you want an excellent sealing with vacuum caps. This kind of caps are actually one of the most used in the industry because they allow the content in the bottle to last a lot longer than usual. With these machines you can assure yourself a hermetic sealing like no other.

We offer the best systems

Tedelta’s machines presents amazing systems that happens to be really comfortable to the owner, they are mostly autonomous but also operator friendly, so it can be used by a worker in the case that’s needed.

They are also able to increase any company’s production levels, and that’s because of the never-seen-before speed of our machines. It doesn’t matter if it is a small or a big company, the truth is that our vacuum capping machine can do miracles and seal any type of bottles with this caps.


This machine, made of stainless steel, is perfect for the most exigent production levels. It guarantees productions between 3000 and 6000 bph. It applies any kind of aluminum caps with our most sophisticated head that assures and hermetic sealing, precise and superior than others machines.


This machine has an excellent pick-off system with a lineal production system that can seal a huge amount of bottles per hour. It has a precise cap dispenser that assures and perfect drop of the caps onto the bottle. It is an automatic machine that can be easily operated by a person.

These machines can be improved by the adding of more heads so the production levels of your company goes up to numbers you’ve never had before.

We think of your security

In Tedelta, what’s more important to us is that our clients are always happy with our products’ job, but just like with any other machine, it is usual that problems might appear, that’s why we offer you a two years guarantee for the buying of any of our products.

Also, all of our products are 100% originals, that’s including machines and replacement parts for them. They all have our logo printed on, so you can validate its originality and quality. One that it is backed up by our more than 40 years working in the bottling business.

A vacuum capping machine it’s not easy to use, and we know that. That’s why we include, plus the guarantee, a series of introduction classes for you and your workers, so they can learn how to manipulate the machine and take advantage of it.

Get the most qualified vacuum capping machine in the market through our web page. We have the best machines in the market just for you. Products 100% designed and manufactured by us. Technical service and guaranteed quality. Personalized attention. Contact us.