An used pilfer capper is the best way to seal your glass bottles for fluids such as wine, oil or any other kind of liquid. But if you’re looking to get a new capping machine, then you’ve come to the right place. In Tedelta we make and sell the best machines, designed to cap all types of containers and bottles in the fastest time. We are experts in the area, and all of our products are original since we not only sell them, but also make them.

We are unique

We offer our clients the most qualified and specialized products on the international market, and that’s the main reason why we take the time and effort to make everything you’ll see in our immense catalog, with our own hands.

All of Tedelta’s products are 100% original pieces of machinery and mechanical engineer, everything from the machines, to the heads, including little screws and replacement parts and more are made by an incredible team of experts and once the product’s well tested several times, we offer it, because we know it’s nothing but perfect.

Having an used pilfer capper from Tedelta will make your production levels go higher. A perfect example of that are these next two machines.


This machine will never disappoint you. Every single part of it is made of stainless steel, which adds it long lasting durability and amazing strength. It doesn’t need that much of a maintenance, it will never get rusty and with it, you could seal 6000 bottles per hour only by adding an extra Tedelta capping head.


This machine is originally made for small productions, and it’s a semiautomatic used pilfer capper, perfect for small bussineses that work with glass bottles sealed with plastic, aluminum cork or any other type of cap. Even when this machine can be mostly autonomous, it can also be operated by a qualified person.

Learn from us

Although our machines’ working systems are pretty easy to use, they’re still mechanical pieces, so sometimes it can get tricky. But don’t worry! If you get a Tedelta capping machine, with it, you will be getting instructional classes for you and your workers. That way, a team of experts provided by us, will teach you how to work and manipulate all the different aspects of our machines so you can take the most out of it.

Also, if you ask for it, we can design and build a new and original machine out from scratch just for you, as a part of our customized machine service. You just have to give us a list of your suggestions and requirements and we will make the machine of your dreams.

40 years making magic

Tedelta has more than 40 years making the most prestigious capping machines of the market, improving day by day and setting the bar eve higher with every machine and product we launch out. Our clients all around the world, recognize our hard work and excellence, coming back every time they need to amp up their game and make better sealed bottles and products.

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