How Trigger Pumps Improve Capping Systems

TEDELTA has been in the capping business for over 40 years, and for that reason, many manufactures seek out capping machines assembled by this European brand. They know they are dealing with some of the best equipment for the capping process in the world. This includes equipment that makes use of trigger pumps to ensure a perfect hermetic seal even with containers that are too delicate for high mechanical pressure.

Our trigger pump capping systems are qualified by our clients as the best ones on the market. With our experience and expertise, we have conveyed confidence, reliability and trust through the service we offer, the material we use to make the machines and our commitment to continue innovating with our machines. Among all the capping system machinery we have launched on the market, the trigger pump system is one of the most innovative.

Trigger pump machines for delicate containers

The capping trigger pump machines are made to securely place many different caps on a variety of containers, but the air pressure used places less stress on fragile containers. These machines are fully customized depending on the client’s specifications. The machine can function either clockwise or counterclockwise, and the distribution of the cap can be put horizontally, opposite, or under the machine, for example.

The conveyor of every single trigge pump from the chute up to the capping heads is done by a “Pick and Place” system, which incorporate the trigger transfer called a star wheel, delivering the pump one by one to the capping heads. The trigger transfer star wheel is fabricated so that it can be fit based on the different length of the dip tube by using spacers. The trigger pumps go through the star wheel where a gripper will grab them. The pick and place star wheel that manipulates the trigger pump is formed by a group of grippers and “dynamic plates” that move up and down in order to allow the dip tube to be inserted into the container. The pick and place counter star wheel has a short passage in front of every plate that is used to straighten the dip tube while the plate goes deep.

Trigge pump capping machines are an excellent solution to a challenging problem. For more information about this equipment, send us a message through our contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you.