Capping Machines for T Cork Caps

The expertise and experience TEDELTA is offers to the liquor, wine and spirits industry relies on years of manufacturing the best capping machines on the market to facilitate the sealing process, making it precise and uncomplicated, so that everyone can enjoy the contents of a bottle of your product with no doubt that they are consuming an excellent product. One of the many ways in which TeDelta serves this industry is with capping machine options for T cork caps, popular with spirit companies who want a more traditional and rustic look for their product.

T-Cap Rotary – Pick and Place System: TEDELTA-CAR-100-TR

With maximum flexibility along with great power, this machine can respond to even the most demanding production. The machine is made of pure stainless steel and can reach speeds from 3000 to 60,000 bottles per hour as a function of the number of capping heads installed. This machine can set T cork caps as well as a wide assortment of plastic caps, standard cork caps, flip-top, pressure, sport caps, etc. on glass bottles suitable for the wine and spirits industry. Through the “pick and place” system, the caps delivered from the conduit are placed with exactitude for an infallible seal on your T-cork capped bottle.

T-Cap Inline – Pick and Place System: TEDELTA-CAR-101-TR

The inline system is made to suit smaller productions, but at the same time offers optimum efficiency and power. This inline machine has an intermittent star system, which works automatically as a whole to integrate production lines, reaching up to 3000 bottles per hour. It can set a variety of plastic caps, along with other special caps including T cork caps and standard corks. The cap delivery system through the “pick and place” articulated arm collects and delivers the T-cork cap from the channel and accurately transfers the cap by positioning the head.

TEDELTA is a Spanish company that produces and manufactures capping machines for some of the most relevant companies in Europe and around the world, providing the most important food and drink, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and wine and spirits brands with the best machines available.

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