Servo Capper Applications and Options

About Servo Capper Applications: There is a range of industries that demand the best capping machines on the market. Since the capping industry itself is growing faster every day, they look for nothing less than excellence. This means that high performance, reliability, and functions that are easy to handle by the person operating the machine. Chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, beauty companies, and others are looking for these characteristics, and at the same time they want to reduce costs due to accidents or lost product resulting from human error.

TEDELTA knows perfectly how to address all the challenges faced by their clients, and we help them overcomes these challenges. We make great capping machine lines with solutions in capping heads that accomplish all the objectives demanded by those manufacturers. One of these solutions is the servo capper system.

Servo capper feeding system machines

TEDELTA has the servo capper with these three different presentations of the cap sorter machine, each one with very specific functions according to what the company is looking for.  All of these machines are also part of the Cap Sorter category of products.


This servo capper machine is ideal for aluminum and plastic caps in companies that require either or both types. The adaptability can be done by a simple head change. This is also the best machine for placing a special type of caps; you won’t have to buy another machine for special capping, since this one suits all your needs perfectly. The capacity of this machine in capping is 1000 caps per hour.


In the case of the Mechanical servo capper cap sorter machine, the main features are its capping output, which reaches a quantity up to 300 caps per hour. It is highly recommended for brand new companies with less inventory or small-scale productions. Like the Centrifuge, this machine is perfect for aluminum and plastic caps, the most common ones on the market, ideal for caps whose diameter is less than the height of the cap.

Mechanical Alveolar

The Mechanical Alveolar servo capper machine is excellent for aluminum and plastic caps on a variety of containers. Companies that use these caps choose this format because of this duality. It is advisable for caps whose diameter is greater than its height. The output of this machine is around 300 caps per hour, perfect for small and medium size companies.

If you still aren’t sure if a servo capper is a good fit for your business, or if you aren’t sure which one to choose, contact us through our contact form and we’ll be happy to help you out.