Semiautomatic Capping Machine: Best of Both Worlds

There is no denying that automatic capping equipment is much faster, more efficient and accurate than manual capping machines. But in many situations, a full-scale automatic capper isn’t practical or even possible. For example, many small wineries produce very limited batches of product at a time. The amount of time it would take to recoup the costs of a fully automatic system could take a very long time. And yet, these types of businesses and even hobbyists can certainly benefit from the improved efficiency and quality that an automated capper can offer. In situations like these, a semiautomatic capping machine is often an ideal compromise.

The semiautomatic capper uses the same mechanism used to perfectly seal caps in automatic machines, but relies on a human operator to place the caps on the containers and insert them in the machine. Great for small manufacturing operations, hobbyists, start-ups and quality control.

Benefits of a semiautomatic capping machine for small businesses

This equipment is perfect for small businesses and serious hobbyists. Part of the beauty of a semiautomatic capper is that it takes up much less space than a full-scale machine. Because the operator is responsible for placing the caps on the bottles, the semiautomatic capping machine doesn’t require a separate cap delivery system. It also doesn’t require a conveyor belt line to advance the bottles down the line.

Another benefit is that the TEDELTA-CSA-101 semiautomatic capping machine can be fitted with a variety of capping heads depending on the type of container and closure that your product uses. For example, depending on the head, this capper can be used to apply pre-threaded plastic caps, aluminum skirt caps, sports caps, and even specialty caps on bottles and jugs made from glass or PET.

You can see exactly how the semiautomatic capper from TEDELTA works in the video below.

As shown in the video, all the operator has to do is place the cap onto the container, and set it underneath the head of the semiautomatic capping machine. The machine will bring the head down and apply the necessary torque and pressure to make a perfect seal between the cap and container.

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