Semi Automatic Screw Capping Machine

Tedelta’s semi automatic screw capping machine is the best tool you could have to increase your company’s production numbers. In our web store we have the most avant-garde machines in the market that can help you cap any kind of bottle you want, thanks to their incredible working systems and all-original parts.

We know how important is for you, to have a machine that can fulfill all your expectations and wishes, that’s why we offer you the best machines in the market, which are perfectly able of cap a huge amount of bottles within hours. And that is possible thanks to all of the different working systems we implement in our machines.

Our machines are no alike to others

 The machines we offer in Tedelta are not just capping machines we decide to sell to the world, since we are responsible for the design, manufacture and building of every single product we have in our catalog. All of them from the machines to the replacement parts, the heads and more, are made by our hands and effort. Tedelta’s products are identified with our logo, which is printed on all of our products.

In our catalog we have all kinds of machines, starting with a semi automatic screw capping machine, coming through with pressure capping machines and automatic machines and ending with the possibility of you being able to get a machine made by previous order, with your specifications and characteristics.

In this case we are going to show you a couple of our machines, so you can learn a little bit more about our systems and how they work, also the abilities of our machines and the amazing job they can do for you.


This machine is an amazingly powerful semiautomatic bench capper that can get the job done for you very easily. Although it is made for small or punctual productions, it is very efficient a robust. It can go up to a production of 600 of even 800 bph, of course that will depend on how good and fast the operator of the machine is.

It also can seal with a wide variety of caps that can go from plastic to aluminum, flip-top caps and more. It is also important to highlight its versatility to work with almost all kinds of bottles, from plastic to glass and more.

The cap positioning has to be manual, but once the cap is placed, the process of closure is completely automatic.

We also have options if you want a faster solution

We know that sometimes our clients want a faster alternative, and that may be because of a bigger production or just the desire of producing more. If you are one of those cases, we have the perfect option for you.


This may not be a semi automatic screw capping machine but it can seal all types of glass bottles perfectly. With this machine you can reach a production of 3000 bph allowed by its total autonomy. It works with any type of aluminum caps and its fast inline system allows it to cap within just two seconds per bottle. It can be also integrated to small productions if you want to.

We like to think about every detail

As a company that has more than 40 years in the making and selling of the best capping machines in the market, we know that sometimes, things can go wrong, even if it is a semi automatic screw capping machine.

And because we care about our clients, we offer you a two years guarantee with the buying of any of our machines. Also you will be getting an amazing series of instructional classes so you and your workers can learn how to manipulate Tedelta’s machines the best way possible.

Get the most efficient semi automatic screw capping machine on the market, in our web page. We are specialist in the bottling business. Tedelta is an international company with offices all around the world. Technical service and 24 hs attention. Contact Us