Semi Automatic Capping Machine

If you are looking for an excellent semi automatic capping machine, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find the best machine, the one that guarantee you that the production levels of your company goes up to the heaven. That’s why in Tedelta, we offer you products that performs accomplishing the highest standards in the market.

We count with a highly recognized trajectory of more than 40 years designing and building the best capping machines in the world, we also have the approval and support of really well-known companies and marks around the globe, which know-days use Tedelta’s machines.

We bring up different systems

One of the things that characterize us, is all of the different options we offer as a company to our customers, especially when it comes to the working system of our machines.

In Tedelta, our main interest is that all of your bottles get a perfect sealing, unimportantly from the type of cap you will use for whatever bottle you want to seal. That’s why we effort to build the most precise machines in the market, just for you.


This is a semi automatic capping machine that is really comfortable to the use, especially for the operator. It is made for small of very specific production levels from 600 to 800 bph (depending on the operator’s ability).  With this machine, you can apply a huge variety of caps. It uses two heads, one that is magnetic, and a second one that is perfect for screwing.

Even tho, we know that some small or new companies prefer to get the job done by an actual person, rather the machine itself, it is important to go with the time and the market’s demands. That is why, we also have perfectly automatic machines that can do the job for you faster and cheaper.


This machine is completely automatic, although it can be used by an operator as a semi-automatic machine. It is made of stainless steel, and it can increase your company’s production levels up to 3000 bph. It can also apply a great variety of caps for all of the different kinds of bottles you can work with like plastic, glass or more.

Our machines are timeless

Just like we already showed you, in Tedelta you can find a perfect semi automatic capping machine that can be used for different bottles to be seal, an amazing automatic machine with a never-seen-before speed and even more.

All of our products are made under the most rigorous precision and quality testing system in the market. They are as well, all designed and build by us, so they are 100% originals. And that’s why, for us, the main deal is to receive a good opinion from our clients. Also, after you buy any of our products, you will get a maintenance system and guarantee for two years.

Get an incredibly good semi automatic capping machine in our web page. We are an international company with 40 years of trajectory. The quality of our products is like no other in the market. 100% original pieces.  24 hours assistance. Quality guaranteed. Contact Us.