Choosing the Right Sealing Machine

From cosmetics to electronics, food and beverage, medicines and chemicals, packaging has become one of the most important elements in the factory line, and nowadays we can find almost everything in some kind of sealed package. Selecting the proper sealing machine for your company is extremely important for delivering a quality finished product from top to bottom.

When looking to purchase a sealing machine, you may find yourself sorting through a variety of different types to find the one that really fits your needs. Here, we will discuss these differences with the hope that it will make your choice a little simpler.

Sealing machines by sector

For instance, pharmaceutical companies may need cotton inserters, while food products manufactures need vacuum packaging incorporated into their sealing machines, and cosmetics always require soft handling. It all depends on your type of business and its requirements. So, what are the most common types of sealing machine?

Let’s begin with the seal-only option, which only wraps or secures the product, but does not form packages or fill them. Then you have the manual sealer, which only helps with holding or setting the product. Moving on, you’ll find the semi-automatic sealing machine, allowing one operator to perform faster and more efficiently with both packaging and placement. The fully automatic sealers require very little intervention from the operator, typically just to replenish packaging components or removing completed products.

Efficiency and accuracy of sealing machines

Things can always run more efficiently and there’s always room for improving the accuracy of work in the field of packaging. Sealing machines are used for liquids, powders, and sprays, using packaging materials such as aerosol containers, bags and pouches, bottles, jars, cartons and boxes.  And whether your machine will ultimately prove to be a worthy investment depends on these two qualities.

The semi-automatic sealer is ideal for low volume packages requiring manual loading of product and packaging materials. The fully automatic sealing machine, however, can maximize operational efficiency and work with high volume packages, providing fast changeover and flexibility in the size and style of the package. It is used in a variety of applications, from candy bars and snacks, to powder goods and lotion samplers, and even in hardware items. So, before choosing a sealer machine, make sure you consider these differences between the functions, efficiency and accuracy that will translate to better results for your product and your business.

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