Screw Capping Machine Video

There’s nothing better for your company than a screw capping machine video that explain you all the different aspects you need to know about our capping machines so you can take the most amount of advantage from them.

Our machines are equipped with nothing but the best systems in the world which has been studied and tested previously so you can be sure you will be getting the best working machines in the market, for your company.

We have the experience

There is no better way to increase your company’s production levels than by using Tedelta’s machines. We count with more than 40 years working in the bottling industry, which has given us the ability to improve our mechanisms so we are able to offer you the best capping machines of the market.

Also, we are an international company with a ton of offices around the world, which allow us to have an even bigger connection and relationship with our clients. Also we have worked with many of the most prestigious companies in the global market, which has been the perfect opportunity to really know, as a company, what the market wants.

Through all this years we had improve the way we design and build our machines, being able to sell the most effective screw capping machine video with specifications that will let you know in a very easily way all the things you need to know about our products.

Our machines are just perfect for you, and an example of it are these two we are going to show you right now.

Pick and Place system

Tedelta’s Pick and Place system is one of the most efficient systems we have in our machines, allowing a perfect placing of the cap over the bottle, from the chute getting to the capping head and then sealing the bottles. This is a perfect system for screw caps and plastic bottles.


This machine will increase your production numbers up to 3000 bottles per hour, thanks to its incredible speed and precise sealing. Also, if you like to, you can add extra heads to it so you can get your numbers up to 6000 bph.

It is made of stainless steel and is completely autonomous, although it can be operated by a capacitated person.


With this machine you will be able to seal most types of plastic bottles with no problem at all. It can be equipped with a whole variety of heads so you can seal with different styles of caps. It has a lineal system that reach a number of 3000 bph, and even when it is originally design for small productions, it can be integrated to another production so it increase its numbers.

We offer you a lot of different services

Even when our main target is the selling and distribution of capping machines, we know that sometimes our clients look for more than a screw capping machine video with instructional guidance. And in following that line, we offer you a series of practical instruction classes so you and your workers can really learn all what’s needed to take the most advantage from our machines.

We also will be giving you a two years complete guarantee, plus a lifetime maintenance service for every single one of the machines you have bought with us. This services are all made by our incredible team of specialists, who will help you with anything you need, because our main interest will always be helping your company and its income.

Get the most effective screw capping machine video explaining all the different services within our machines, only in our web page. We are an international company that has a 24 hs personal attention service. Increase your production like never before. We’re your best option. Contact Us.