Ropp Capping Machine

You don’t have to look anywhere else to get the perfect ropp capping machine, because here in Tedelta, we have the best capping machines in the market so you can fulfill your goals when it comes to the bottle production business.

The ropp caps are mostly use for the sealing of drinks, medicines and even cosmetic products, they are made of aluminum, and they are pretty common to see. Therefore is needed, for some companies, to own a ropp capping machine that it is effective, adaptable, and brings a professional finish to the bottle.

And that’s exactly what our machines do for our clients, give a polish sealing like no other in the market.

A perfect capping

Tedelta is a well-known company that has more than 40 years competing in the demanding world of bottle production machines. But we are not the typical company, because we don’t just sell capping machines, we design, manufacture and construct them right from the start.

Also, all of our products happens to pass by a quality test before they are sell to our clients, that way you can be 100% confident that you’re getting a machine that is approved and able of doing any task you ask it to do.

We offer our customers a very large catalog of products that goes from linear cork capping machines, to plastic capping and of course ropp capping machine, just like the ones we’re about to present you. With these machines we assure you a high-quality capping so your bottles don’t ever lose any of their content.


 This machine is able of closing hermetically any kind of bottles. It has a pick-off system and it works on an autonomous way. Also, it can get to 3000 bph and it doesn’t need that much of maintenance.


This machine is perfect for wine bottles and numerous kinds of glass bottles. It is made out of stainless steel and it has a lasting durability which is a really good characteristic. Its head allows it to increase the production speed by distributing the caps and guaranteeing and hermetic closure of the bottles.

We care about you

We know that you, as a company, find necessary to only get the machines with the best quality possible, and able of satisfy your demands in any context or physical place, that’s exactly why here in Tedelta, we take the time and effort to build any machine you ask us to.

We customize our capping machines according to our customer’s preferences a requests, so there won’t be any excuse for them to be satisfied by our products.

Get the best ropp capping machine in the market in our web page. Increase your production and sell the best sealed bottles in the world. We are an international company that offers personal assistance and 24 hs attention. Contact us.