The ROPP Capping Head: The Latest Technology for Bottling Carbonated Drinks

From small beverage brands just starting out, all the way up to the top companies in the soft drink industry, the ROPP capping head has become a favorite and indispensable feature of the packaging line. This one piece of equipment has radically transformed how carbonated beverages, including soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, are bottled.

Inventing the ROPP capping head

Ever since the mass marketing of soft drinks began in the mid-1800s, one persistent problem within the industry has been the capping process of the bottles. The extreme pressure resulting from the gas in carbonated drinks turned out to be a challenge for producers in those days, desperately trying to keep the carbon dioxide bubbles from coming out, many times having the bottles explode due to the pressure. A proper capping machine with sealing capacity capable of handling this pressure simply did not exist.

Many inventors tried modifying bottle design and inventing capping machines, from the British Codd Neck to the Crown cork bottle seal, the first design that was able to keep the bubbles sealed inside the bottle.

No one could imagine the advantages that new automated technology with ROPP capping heads would allow in the future, but today we are witnessing the evolution of an industry that challenges itself to bring the best quality products in the most attractive presentations, with a continuously improved sealing process while at the same time being consumer-friendly and easy to use.

ROPP capping heads: the future of the bottling process

Current common rotary capping machines are available in sizes ranging from 3 to 36 ROPP capping head , enabling operating speeds of up to 1200 bottles per hour. However, some manufacturers have aimed at increasing these capacities to allow bigger companies to have the range of production they truly require.

TEDELTA has been one of those companies dedicated to providing the necessary solutions for this evolution to take place. Working not only locally but also with big international companies, TEDELTA developed ROPP capping head options to fit many diverse industries, including pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Take the TEDELTA CR-504-ST, built to accommodate the highest production ranges from 3,000 bph up to 60,000 bph, with top reliability as its body is made of stainless steel. It guarantees a tamper evident hermetic seal and perfect roll-on precision, used with aluminum ROPP caps, plastic pilfer proof, roll-on caps, and pedi strips on glass, plastic or PET bottles.

Whether it’s used with the pick-off system or the pick-and-place system, this capping head is an invaluable investment and the correct choice for those entrepreneurs looking to expand their business with guaranteed quality and the best cost efficiency.