Application of Push On Caps

We are just entering a new era on earth: the robotic era. According to experts in Silicon Valley, this new world will be managed mostly by machines, just as you have seen in Hollywood movies for decades, and companies packaging products with push on caps are certainly no exception. What was once nothing more than science fiction is becoming reality.


One of the reasons that is better to hire a machine instead of a human being for your production line is in order to avoid safety incidents that might represent a loss not only for you as an entrepreneur, but for that human being who might be seriously disabled or worse, and much more if your company doesn’t take into account the rules or repository of industrial safety incidents.


Automation of push on capping systems


That’s why we at TeDelta are here to give you a solution: investing in a push-on capping “robot” for your food and beverage, cleaning, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and even oil and chemical products. We have been leaders in the capping equipment industry for more than 40 years, offering you the best capping machines at the best prices.


In this case, we are offering you our push-on cap machines. However, we sell equipment that processes all types of caps, from screw caps in aluminum and plastic to press-on, flat top or sport caps. Our push on cap machines are offered in two formats: rotary (identified with the code TEDELTA-CAR-100-TR) and inline (code: TEDELTA-CAL-101-TR). Both work with a pick-and-place system.


The rotary push on caps machine has a presentation of monoblocks or triblocks that can process from 3000 to 60,000 push-on caps per hour depending on your needs and the number of capping heads used, increasing your revenues due to the high production speed and accuracy.


At the same time, our inline pushs on caps system will ensure an optimized small-scale production at up to 3000 push-on caps per hour. Its intermittent star system will guarantee maximum efficiency thanks to its linear capper, making it the most sophisticated and versatile push-on cap machine that you will find today.


Feel free to contact us directly for further information on TeDelta’s equipment for push-on caps and other types of caps. For an estimate on a specific machine, please copy and paste our machine code and we will send you a response with our estimate shortly.