Application of Pumps in Capping Systems

Pumping capping system machines are made of certain features that make them practical for using in specific closures of bottles and other containers. There are some types of bottles that cannot be handled as others because they need a special type of air pumping system to tighten with force, but at the same time carefully.

Conventional capping machines without air pumps may not be useful in some bottles that requires special caps, and at the same time requires very precise heads. For this reason, TEDELTA manufactures trigger pump machines that works perfectly for bottles that have unusual or particular threads and which need an exact type of cap.

Trigger pump machines in capping systems

These trigger pump machines are in the rotary capper presentation made to suit medium and high level manufacturing. They have a velocity range that goes between 40 to 400 bottles per minute, which makes it really fast in comparison to other types of machines. This capping trigger machine is made for placing trigger pumps, but it is quite versatile and can tighten several types of closures. It can also be modulated because it can incorporate many different containers and caps.

Capping systems with trigger pumps can be constructed following the customers’ desires. That means the layout of the system that releases the caps can adjust to your manufacturing space, the machine can operate clockwise or in the opposite direction. The cap feeder might be put beside, in front, or behind the apparatus, etc.

How trigger pumps are used in capping machines

The transfer for each trigger pump from the chute to the capping heads is made by the pick-and-place gadget that incorporates a transfer star wheel, which also delivers the pumps periodically one at a time to the capping heads. The trigger that transmits the star wheel is made such that it can be adjusted based on the length of the tube by using spacers.

The pick-and-place star wheel system that manages the trigger pumps is built by a series of hangers and “dynamic plates” that go vertically from the top to the bottom in order to permit the dipping of the dip tube inside the bottle. In order to achieve a correct and decisive digging of the dip tube, the pick-and-place counter star wheel has a tiny cavity in front of every plate that is used to align the dip tube at the time the plate descends.

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