Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Capping Machine for a Perfect Seal

Many small-volume manufacturers rely on manual cappers to seal their bottled products. One of the most popular models is the pneumatic capping machine, which uses pressurized air to deliver the force needed to seal a cap onto a bottle. However, these cappers are not without their drawbacks. Despite being relatively affordable machines, they require a good deal of technique to ensure that a container is fully sealed. Furthermore, the types of caps that can be used with them is usually very limited.

For anyone who is serious about product quality and safety, having a perfectly sealed cap is simply non-negotiable. If your intention is to sell your bottled products to consumers, investing in technology that combines the benefits of high-end automatic capping systems with the accessibility of a manual pneumatic capping machine is a very wise decision. TEDELTA has a model specifically designed for this purpose, perfect for production lines with a lower output that doesn’t justify a fully automatic system. Read on to learn why our semi-automatic capper is the next logical step from a manual pneumatic capping machine.

Why semi-automatic vs. manual pneumatic capping machine?

As we said earlier, manual cappers require the right technique in order to ensure the cap is properly sealed on the bottle. This makes them very susceptible to human error, which is inefficient both in terms of time and costs. Even a very experienced operator needs time to ensure the correct placement and application of the cap, and mistakes are always a possibility. For a hobbyist who is just brewing a single batch of beer in their garage, having a few improperly sealed caps from a pneumatic capping machine isn’t a big deal. They might pop off from the gas pressure in the bottle, or might allow the product to degrade in quality, but all the hobbyist has lost is a bit of wasted product.

When the product is intended to be sold to consumers, however, the implications of poorly capped bottles are very serious. It will, at the very least, lead to diminished consumer trust in your brand, and in the worst of cases, it can injure a consumer and turn into a complicated legal problem for you. For these situations, using a semi-automatic capper instead of a manual pneumatic capping machine can make the difference between a thriving business and going bankrupt from a liability lawsuit.

About TEDELTA’s semi-automatic pneumatic capping machine

You can see how this machine operates in the video below. It practically eliminates the risk of user error and is much more efficient.


Depending on the operator, this semi-automatic capping machine can produce at around 600 to 800 bottles per hour. Most importantly, the machine guarantees a perfect seal between the cap and container.

For more information on our semi-automatic pneumatic capping machine, including price information, please contact us directly.