Owning a pneumatic cap lifter in your company is the best way to increase your production numbers and quality of your products. If you are looking for the perfect machine to unseal your bottles this is the right web page for it. We are specialist in selling this type of machines and bottling equipment so you can produce higher quality sealed containers.

With the help of our capping heads, your company will raise up its production levels up to numbers never seen. We are specialist in the area, and we make every single product offered in out catalog, including our pneumatic cap lifter. Tedelta products will help you seal all the bottles you need in the shortest amount of time.

A company of specialists

In Tedelta we count with the working talent of a big team of specialist in the capping industry, who design, build and sell the most effective cappers of the market. We assure you all of our products are safe and top-quality, since we make all of them from scratch. Tedelta’s machines and capping heads are 100% original pieces idealized and made by our own team so we know we’re only offering the best of the best to our clients.

But even though our products are infallible on their mission, we know machines need some maintenance so properly function and seal your bottles, which is why one of our main post sale services is a free lifetime maintenance service that will keep your Tedelta products up to date and at their best shape, able to seal or uncap your bottle with the expertise that characterize our capping heads, just like the ones we are going to talk you about right now.


With this Tedelta all original capping head you will seal you will be able to seal your bottles with push-on and cork caps in the most effective way. It is a capping head made of stainless steel and it can change its capping working system depending on the cap it is working with at the moment. Maximun durability and strength assured.


This decapping head is perfect to work with returnable glass or recycled plastic bottles, and it removes plastic, aluminum, and twistoff caps like it’s nothing. It comes with a safety system that prevents the bottles to get damage when removing the cap and its stainless-steel core gives it the longest working live.

More than capping products

In Tedelta we characterize ourselves for selling the most effective capping products of the international market, but we are more than that. Our quality is incomparable, and the treatment we have with our clients is also unique, offering them one of a kind post sale services.

By purchasing of one of our pneumatic cap lifter, you’ll get warranty during two full years so you don’t have to worry about anything happening that may damage your machine and therefore, your production.

Tedelta’s experience

Tedelta is an international company with a tail of experience of almost half of a century making the most effective and qualified cappers in the market. And due to that experience is that we can assure you will be pleased if you get any of our products.

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