If you are looking for a really effective pilfer screwing machine, you have entered to the right page to find it! In Tedelta we offer the best capping solutions for you and your bottling company. Our products and machines will make your company get to the next level of precision and hermetic sealing. Our machines cap with efficiency and internationally acclaimed quality. And we are going to explain you how our products work, next.

All of Tedelta capping products have certified quality and effective sealing systems. That ensures a hermetic closure to any kind of bottle or container you can possibly work with, whether they’re glass or plastic or even aluminum. Our machines and capping heads work with all types of caps, including screw-on and push-on caps, which means they are perfect to work within different bottled products industries.

High quality finish

If there’s a pilfer screwing machine in your company, that’s from us, you can have total assurance you’ll experience a production increase like never before, without downgrading the quality of each sealed bottle, you will get up to a mind-blowing 6000 sealed bottles per hour number. Tedelta’s machines ensures a perfectly hermetic seal with any kind of cap an bottle. Our machines have avant-garde systems developed by our own team of professionals in the area, in order to offer our customers, simply the best quality and sealing experience.

Each one of our cappers count with the most amazing and unique sealing system, based on international quality standards and complemented with the vast knowledge we have gained throughout almost five decades of being part of the bottling industry. Our products are all 100% original Tedelta pieces of amazing machinery. And just so you get a taste of it, here are a couple of them.


Seal your bottles with a huge variety of caps with this amazing Tedelta semiautomatic pilfer screwing machine. It is a high precision machine perfect to work with glass bottles and screw-on caps of numerous materials. Give your bottles a hermetic seal that close to perfection, preventing spilling from the bottles. This is a machine made of stainless steel, which makes it a maximum durability asset to your company.


And in case you need a more specific capping solution, we have an all new and special service just for you. We’ll build a unique tailored capping machine from your own suggestions. You pick the size, the capacity, the systems and even the amount head you want it to have, and we will build it for you. Tedelta’s custom made machines are created by professionals.

We are on every bottle

Tedelta is an international company that has left its’ mark all over the world through the past 40 years of working in the industry. We’ve worked with the most popular brands, making a place for ourselves and getting a recognized spot within the international bottling market.

You are covered by us

One of Tedelta’s biggest pros is to know how to take care of its customers, and to show you that, if you get one of our amazing machines, we offer you a special post-sale service that includes a free lifetime maintenance service provided by ourselves, plus, two years of full coverage warranty, so that way, you won’t have to worry about anything. We will get you covered.

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