Machine Cap

If you want a machine cap your bottle, then you’re in the right place to be, because in Tedelta, we have the best capping machines in the whole industry of bottle production, so you can be sure that you will sell precisely closed bottles of any kind.

Our machines are able of doing the closing job for food, drink, or even medicine packages and bottles. It all depends on which for do you want them, so you can pick up the best model for that specific job.

Quality Products

The capping machines we sell are all designed, constructed and manufactured by us, as well as the replacement pieces for them, in case you need one. That way we can assure you 100% quality and commitment to your production process.

In Tedelta, we take very seriously the fact that our customers are always happy and satisfied with our products, and that’s because, our main goal is for you to increase your sales by fully living the Tedelta experience.

Original products

If you’re reading this article, that’s because you want to find the perfect machine cap for your bottles, and that’s amazing, because we have one of the biggest and most qualified catalogs to help you find that one machine for your company.


This machine has an excellent pick-off system that allows it to get to a 3.000 bph production, although, thanks to its extra heads, that number can be increased to 60.000 bph. It works with different types and sizes of glass bottles, and it can be rotating as well as linear.


In this hand, we offer you this ideal machine cap your bottles with a precisely pressing system. It is made out of stainless steel and it closes your bottle hermetically.

The Tedelta Experience

Just like we said before, in Tedelta we offer you products made by ourselves, with the experience amd professionalism gained through more than 40 years in the business. To us, the important thing is that our machines allow our clients to increase their productions and their
earnings helped by the certified quality that we offer.

Also, we like to maintain the relationship with the client, which is why all of our machines comes with a unique two year guarantee, plus a personalized and generous post-sale service, which includes not only the guarantee, but also induction classes so you can learn how to manipulate the machine perfectly, and a lifetime maintenance service for all of our machines in your hands.

Buy the best machine cap your bottles with precision in our web page, and take your company to the next level of high quality in the bottle production and capping market. Take a look to our amazing catalog and pick the best machine for you. We’re an international company with 24 hs attention. The best quality in the market. Contact us.