Linear Capping Machines

Our linear capping machineS are the perfect allies to any company that needs a polish capping system for their bottle-sealing.

These machines are responsible for the capping of numerous kinds of bottles. The linear capping machineS are known for their excellent job with most types of bottles there are in the market, thanks to the whole diversity of sealing systems they bring up to the table.

Our machines are as well really fast when it comes on doing their job, which will allow your company raise up its levels of production in a very considerable way.

The perfect capping machine

Here in Tedelta, we dedicate to sell the best machines related to the process of producing bottles for sale, specifically those whom are for sealing and capping.

Our machines are made out of the best parts in the market, therefor we are the best option you have if you want the highest quality capping system in the world, endorsed by the excellent reviews of our satisfied clients through the years. They are resistant and durable, and they are also adaptable to pretty much any context.

They are as well, able of doing almost any requirement you wish, as long as it is within the process of capping bottles, more specifically about the amount of bottles  they can cap per hour according to your company’s needs.

The lineal system

The bottle production companies works with diverse types of capping machines. However, one of the machines of this style that present the more amount of efficacy are the linear capping machineS.

There’s plenty of benefits within the use of these machines, starting with the speed they bring to the production of the bottles, since they can go up to 3000 bph at the same time of working in an autonomous way.


This capping machine is made out of stainless steel. It works with a Pick and Place mechanism and has an articulating arm, so it can pick up the cap precisely and put it onto the bottle.


This type of machine has a lot of options to make an excellent sealing job. It allows the install of different styles of capping heads. It also has an amazing capping precision system, so your bottles will end up with the best sealing.

Customer service

In Tedelta, we care for our clients, and we take very seriously the fact that our customers only get the best. That’s why we give you the possibility of getting in contact with our technical service team, so they can help you and guide you through the long process of buying one of our machines.

Our team will not only help you clear up all your doubts about which machine is the best for you and your company, but also they will be beside you during the installation process of the machine you get. We have an expert group of people that will be watching for the correct installation and future operativity of the capping machine.

Visit our online store and don’t miss the chance of getting the best linear capping machineS in the market. We have a large catalog of products and an even longer path in the international market. Technical service guaranteed. All of our products are 100% originals. Contact us.