Inline Capper Machine for Multiple Industries

For businesses and manufacturing operations that produce smaller volumes of product at a time, or for businesses that are just making the transition from manual to automatic bottling and packaging, an inline capper machine is often an ideal solution. In this post, we’ll discuss the two models of inline cappers offered by TEDELTA, including benefits of having an automatic capping system and a video so you can see one of these machines in action.

Máquina Taponadora Lineal Sistema por Robo 7

Benefits of automatic capping machines

Both formats of capping equipment made by TEDELTA, rotary and inline capper machines, help ensure product safety and quality by forming a consistently perfect seal when closing bottles, jugs and jars. Even setting aside the increased speed and efficiency of automatic cappers, these machines often turn out to be a very profitable investment for companies. The improved product quality increases consumer confidence and also substantially reduces wasted product.

The difference between the rotary and inline capper machine all boils down to the number of capping heads that the different formats can hold. The inline models are appropriate for smaller productions because they are designed to use only one head at a time, so that each bottle is processed one by one as they move down the line. You can see this in the video below:


Inline capper machine models from TEDELTA

We offer two different models of automatic inline capping systems, which differ in the type of cap delivery system they use. The first model is the inline pick-off capper, so named because of its pick off cap delivery method. The second model is the inline pick-and-place capper, which, of course, uses the pick and place method to deliver caps to the capping area and set them on top of the bottle or jar. Both have bottling capacities of up to 3000 bottles per hour. In the video above, the inline capper machine is working at a speed of 2700 bottles per hour.

If your bottling operation or other business is looking to transition from manual capping to an automatic system, an inline capper machine from TEDELTA could be the perfect fit.

For additional information on either or both of our inline models and the variety of closures and containers they are compatible with, or for a price quote, please contact us directly.