In order to give a heat sealing under pressure to your bottles, we got you covered. In Tedelta, we build the best capping machines you could ask for, as well as specialized products in bottle production. Our machines and machinery pieces will help you increase your company’s production numbers like you have never seen before. Seal all kinds of bottles with all types of caps.

For you, who are looking for the best of qualities, we have all kinds of cappers ready to be put to the test and start increasing your production. If you’re looking to raise up your numbers in the fastest, most economic and easiest way, Tedelta is the answer for all of that.

We represent experience

Tedelta has been in the bottling industry during almost half of a decade, redefining the concept of bottle capping products, by designing and developing the most avant-garde systems and upgraded machines of the market. We make the most effective machines that will give your bottles a seal like no other machine would. Our quality is incomparable, and our recurrent clients can assure that.

As a worldwide company, we’ve had the honor to work with the world’s most popular bottled products brands, providing them amazing capping technologies that hermetically cap their bottles with the most precise heat sealing under pressure. Prove to that are the cappers we are about to talk you about, next.


This is a Tedelta capping machine made to undoubtedly top all your expectations when it comes to bottle sealing. Seal your containers in the most hermetic way that will prevent your container to have any spill. Cap a huge variety of bottles with most plastic caps. It can be equipped with different types of capping heads that will work simultaneously so you can seal a higher number of bottles in the fastest time.


Manufactured in stainless steel, this amazing Tedelta capping machine is designed to have long-lasting durability while also presenting maximum strength. Seal bottles within the same production line by using the best original Tedelta capping heads, which will help you seal from 3000 to 60000 bottles per hour! It works with plastic threaded, flip-tops, push-on caps and more.

We are creators

Tedelta machines are 100% original products, idealized, designed, and created from scratch. Manufactured by the expert hands of our own team of experts and mechanical engineers. All of the products we introduce on our vast catalog are made of the best materials on the market, so our machines have the most durability and fulfil your highest expectations.

You won’t have to worry

By heat sealing under pressure, your bottles will have the best capping, and that’s clear, but on top of offering perfect quality, we also like to develop a real relationship with our clients which is why we offer a special post sale service that includes two years of warranty, among with a lifetime service of free maintenance.

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