Upgrade Filling and Capping Machines with Turrets

For any business that manufactures products in capped or sealed containers, the bread and butter of their production line are filling and capping machines. This equipment is essential for providing maximum efficiency and ensuring product quality, regardless of industry. Whether your products are packaged in bottles, jars or jugs, the filling and sealing processes are extremely important. It doesn’t matter if the containers are filled with a food or drink product, medicine, cleaning solution, or industrial chemical; they must be filled to the correct level, and sealed perfectly to protect the product and end consumer.

It is important for manufacturers and bottling plants to stay up to date on the latest technology when it comes to their filling and capping machines. Sometimes, however, it isn’t possible to replace the entire production line at the bottle filling and capping phase all in one go. For this reason, it’s useful to have modules that can be incorporated into existing lines. At the capping stage, TEDELTA offers two such solutions to allow businesses to upgrade to the most cutting edge capping technology.

Modules for filling and capping machines

TEDELTA has two models of capping machine turrets, which offer the chance for a flexible upgrade in bottling facilities with existing filling and capping machines. The turrets are designed to be worked into the existing equipment, allowing you to gradually upgrade the entire line as resources and time permit.

Both capping turrets are in a rotary format, which gives them impressive scalability potential. The output speeds can range anywhere from 3,000 to 60,000 bottles per hour depending on how many capping heads are used on the turret. The difference between the two models is in the cap delivery system, which determines the types of caps that can be used with the turret.

First, there is the pick-off rotary capping turret. This is a perfect way to upgrade a section of your filling and capping machines used to apply aluminum caps onto a variety of containers. The other model is the pick & place rotary capping turret, which can be used for just about any other type of cap you can imagine. This includes screw caps, push on caps, sport caps, specialty caps, etc.

TEDELTA has 40 years of experience designing custom filling and capping machines solutions. For additional information and a custom quote, please contact us through our contact form, and we’ll be in touch.