Filling and Capping Machine to Automate Production Lines

The process of automation is a key step for any small business that is trying to grow, expand and thrive in a competitive market. For many industries, the first automated equipment that is incorporated in the production line is a filling and capping machine. There are countless examples from a variety of industries where such a machine would be a logical step in growth and expansion. For example, a small producer of craft olive oil, naturally-derived cleaning products, a niche chemical product, etc.

There are many benefits of automating your production line with a bottle filling and capping machine, some of which are more obvious than others. Clearly, automating the processes of filling and capping containers will boost the speed and efficiency of your operation. This makes your business more easily scalable, and is very important if growth is one of your goals.

But apart from that, automation can serve as a sort of quality assurance by minimizing the potential for human error. An automatic filling and capping machine follows a specific program in such a way that the results are more or less uniform for each and every container. Bottles are filled to the same exact level every time, and caps are applied with the perfect amount of pressure and torque to obtain a hermetic seal. This improves consumer confidence in your product, prevents wasted product and also is protection against injuries that can arise from improperly sealed containers.

TEDELTA filling and capping machine models

TEDELTA specializes in capping technology, with an assortment of machines that can be easily integrated with other elements of your production line, such as your filling machine. Depending on the types of caps and seals you need to apply, and what your projected growth looks like, you can choose from a few different models used to apply inner foil seals and a wide variety of cap types to many different containers.

For inner foil seals on bottles, jugs and jars, there is the TEDELTA TBS model, our top pressure induction sealing system. This machine can be used in conjunction with screw caps, clip on caps, or without any exterior cap at all, for a foil-only closure.

The other machines are automatic capping machines that can be used to apply aluminum caps (pick-off system) or virtually any other type of cap using the pick and place system. In the video below, you can see a rotary capper using the pick-off cap delivery system to seal aluminum ROPP caps onto bottles of olive oil.


We also design custom filling and capping machine solutions! For more information and a personalized quote, please contact us today.