Electronic Bag Capper Sealing Machine

If you buy our electronic bag capper sealing machine, you will be getting the most qualified and excellent tool to increase the production numbers in your company, since our cappers are made under the most rigorous process so we can totally assure you will get and excellent sealing with all sorts of caps in the market. With these machines you can assure yourself a hermetic sealing like no other.

Our systems makes the difference

Tedelta’s machines will give you amazing systems that are made for being really comfortable to the machine’s owner. Our capping machines are mostly autonomous as well as operator friendly, so it can be used by someone in your factory in case that’s needed.

Our cappers are primarily able to increase any company’s production levels, since that is the main reason they are made for. They can accomplish that thanks to their never-seen-before speed, so it really doesn’t matter if it is a small or a big company, our electronic bag capper sealing machine will seal any type of bottles at the same time it does it with great precision and speed.

Tedelta’s machines are nothing but the best in the market, and that can be a fact proved with the models we are going to show just now, so you get to know what our cappers are really capable of do.


This machine is made of stainless steel, which makes it perfect for the most exigent production levels. It applies any kind of aluminum caps with our most sophisticated head that assures and hermetic sealing, precise and superior to others machines from the competition. It also guarantees productions between 3000 and 6000 bottles per hour.


This machine comes with an excellent pick-off system, developed by our incredible team, with a lineal production system that can seal a huge amount of bottles per hour. It has an amazing cap dispenser that assures and perfect drop of the caps onto the bottle’s pick. It is automatic and can be easily operated by a person. Also, this machine can be improved by adding more capping heads so the production levels of your company goes up to numbers you have never experienced before.

We look up for your happiness

One of Tedelta’s main goals is to maintain our clients happy with the products, attention and different services they get from us, which is why, in case you experience a problem or a failure in some aspects of our electronic bag capper sealing machine, we offer you a two years guarantee for the buying of any of our products.

Also, on top of that, you will be getting a lifetime free maintenance service by the hands of our professional team that will help you solve any inconvenient or detail with our products.

We invent our products

All of Tedelta’s products are 100% originals, that’s including machines and replacement parts for them. They all have our logo printed on, so you can validate its originality and quality.

It is also important to recall to the fact that we have more than 40 years in the industry, which gives us the knowledge to make the most qualified electronic bag capper sealing machine in the global market.

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