Crown Capping Machine Video

There is no better option for your company than a crown capping machine video with easy instructions that will guide you through the learning process of the machine’s functions. With Tedelta’s machines you will increase the production numbers in your factory, since they are able to seal the most amount of bottles in the most hermetic way.

Tedelta’s technologies are one of the most avant-garde in the industry. We are always looking for the improvement of our products and by doing so, a boost in the quality of the bottles and their seal.

We have the experience of decades

Tedelta is one of the most well-known bottling companies in the world, since we have more than 40 years in the industry, making all types of capping machines for the most popular marks in the market.

We are a company that offers solutions to any bottling enterprise. We are experts in the making of the most effective cappers and products that are made to improve any company’s status. But also, we are specialist in designing, manufacture and building every single one of our products, including replacement parts and all the extra pieces you would include in your machine.

There is nothing like Tedelta’s systems

Our systems are nothing but perfect for you, and our machines are the most efficient with which you will easily cap any type of bottle. There is no better capper than our crown capping machine video that is the perfect tool for you to learn even more about our products. With it you will get a hermetic seal like no other, and to show you that, we have the next machines.


This machine can seal any glass bottle with all types of aluminum cap, including, of course, the crown caps. It has an incredible rotary system that will make you get at least 3000 bottles sealed per hour. But if you decide to add more capping heads to it, which you can easily do, you will be possibly getting approximately 600 bph. It has an automatic cap distribution system and its speed can be regulated.


This machine presents the most effective lineal system. It is completely autonomous, but it can also be operated by a person. We guarantee you will get and hermetic seal and perfect finish in every single one of the bottles you decide to cap with this machine. It is made of stainless steel and it is a low maintenance product.

We are always thinking of you

In Tedelta we see our customers more like members of our family, so we like to care about them, and always give solutions to their problems.

That is the reason why we offer, besides of an amazing crown capping machine video that will teach you and give you the most qualified information about out machines. An incredible two years guarantee that comes with a lifetime maintenance service for every single one of the machines you get from us.

Also, you are going to be able of getting any replacement part you could possibly need for your machine, very easily in our web store. Remember, we make all our products ourselves, so you can be sure you’ll be always getting the most qualified and certified parts for your machines.

Get our crown capping machine video which with you will see all the specifications of Tedelta’s products, detailed and explained. Get in our web page and see our amazingly large catalog of products, and find the perfect machine for you. We have 24 hs attention service and the most qualified team waiting to clear all your doubts. Don’t think about it and Contact Us.