The capping techniques are very diverse. They are applied taking into account diversity of criteria. Some that we can mention are the following: the type of lid, the capping material, the container, the packaging requirements, the production speed, the degree of tightness of the container, etc. There are as many capping techniques as there are industrial requirements.

How do we know the above? Thanks to the fact that we have 40 years manufacturing industrial type machinery for capping. We also have the ISO 9000 quality certificate. It is an international guarantee! What does this mean? Well, we manufacture machinery that meets global quality standards. Our machines are accepted in many countries!

The various methods of industrial capping

We have already said that there are many ways to apply a stopper. Furthermore, insist that this is done with the appropriate heads. It is in the head where the cap placement method is applied. In this case, the most common techniques are as follows:•     Pressure: it is the oldest method. Simply apply a pressure cap to a container. It is used, for example, to place corks in wine bottles.•     Thread: implies a turn in the head. Guarantees a more hermetic closure. Likewise, it is combined with pressure and heat in the case of pilfer model covers.•     Heat sealing: it is a more complex process, since the head, in addition to mechanical force, must apply heat. Ideal for achieving 100% hermetic packaging solutions. Are there other techniques? Yes, but they are rare and are usually a combination of the ones described above. We have heads for all these cases, capable of putting various covers.

Machinery with various methods of capping

We try to make machines with various capping techniques. Our catalog is wide, diverse, with options for the client. We decided to briefly detail some of our capping machines below:


With the robbery to the passage of the bottle. Rotary class machinery. Capacity of 3000 bph and up to 60,000 bph, depending on the number and types of heads installed. In stainless steel. Apply: aluminum caps, pilferproof, roll-on caps, Pedi strip. All this he places in bottles, carafes, glass, PET, etc.


With pick and place system. For small or medium production standards. Achieve daily capping levels of up to 3,000 bph. Conveyor belt placed in a linear way. Positioning system and automatic cap feeding. Synchronization with the line and easy handling by the operator. These machines, according to the head, can have different methods for capping: thread, pressure, heat sealing, mixed, etc. In addition, we can make custom machinery. We manufacture them according to the place where the client wants to place them. The best way to take advantage of space and optimize production.

We advise you to choose the best industrial capping method

We manufacture equipment with the most diverse capping techniques. We are a very versatile company. We have trained personnel, experience and cutting-edge technology for the production of capping machines. Likewise, we have many types of heads: each capable of placing different caps.

We give you the advice you need before the purchase. We know that our clients are not experts in capping issues. For this reason, before manufacturing we instruct them: we suggest the machinery and the type of capping that best suits your needs.

We manufacture with various capping techniques. Capping methods are our specialty. We make stainless steel machinery. International quality certificate ISO 9000. Guarantee on our equipment. Advice in the pre-sale stage. Careful customer service in the after-sales. Courses for machinery operators. Contact us!