Many people are unaware of capping systems for packaging industries. The truth is that, when packing, safeguarding or protecting during the transfer; many times it is necessary to put things in containers. For example, in the case of grain transport. Likewise, when liquids are dispatched or moved from industries or laboratories.

Another frequent case is that of the pharmaceutical industry. Many times, surgical instruments or tools (syringes, needles, ampoules, gauze, cotton, etc.) are shipped inside the packages. Also, stories must be very tightly closed. To fulfill this workforce, the ideal is to have a capping machine that does this.

We offer capping machines for this type of work

We know the topic of capping systems for packaging industries. In our forty years of experience, we have met these types of requirements several times. We know that the most used capping technologies in these cases are the following:

  • Heat sealed: it is the most common. Basically, it involves applying heat to seal two plastic surfaces. Very frequent to ensure that the packages are not opened during the transfer.
  • Pressure: it is used mostly in capsule caps, with a fairly wide radius. For example, in cans or cylindrical containers, the latter being very common in the packaging and dispatch of certain products.

·       Thread: it is the least common and, if necessary, it is used in wide diameter caps. However, it is frequent for the shipment of certain liquids. It is usually combined with the heat sealing method.Likewise, we offer very specific solutions. That is, adapted to the specific needs of customers.

Some machinery from our online catalog

To work with capping systems for packaging industries, you need machinery that meets two characteristics: being able to use the appropriate heads and that can handle the containers used in this activity (they are larger than bottles). In this regard, we have the following machinery:


Ideal for heat sealing. Achieves 100% airtight. Its conveyor belt and head achieved a good speed ranging from 40 to 45 meters per minute. Perfect for sealing containers that have a screw cap. Also, in cases of interior foil, pressure cap or only foil or containers of various materials.


Machinery with monoblock duplex system. Maximum production capacity, achieving between 3,000 and 60,000 bph. The interesting thing is that it has several turrets, being able to use one of them for packaging capping formats. Each turret has an independent cap delivery mode, which can be pick and place or cap delivery.


Desktop machine. Designed for small or medium productions. Capacity between 600-800 depending on the skill of the operator. Manual positioning of the cap, also the application of the seal. Ideal for sealing dispatch containers and certifying the quality of the packaging.

We are a versatile company in capping issues

Due to our experience, we know how to meet the requirements of various clients. We not only make conventional capping machinery, we also address issues such as packaging. That is one of the reasons for our reputation in this business.

We also have machinery with capping systems for custom packaging industries. We do them taking into account the place where the client wants to place them. The idea is to maximize space and improve production.Look no further for capping systems for packaging industries. We offer you excellent machinery to combine capping and packaging. Stainless steel construction. Extensive guarantee. International ISO 9000 quality certificate. Equipment with a long useful life. We help train machinery operators. Quality and the best price. Advice before the sale. Contact us!