Capping System

There is nothing like Tedelta’s capping system in order to make a capping machine the best for increasing your company’s production numbers. We make the most effective machines in the market, able of seal the biggest number of bottles in the shortest amount of time, using the most avant-garde technology and systems that only we can offer you.

Our machines will help you rise up the bottle production levels in your company thanks to their amazing technology and operating systems, that’s a fact. You will be able of seal the most common types of bottles in the market in the most hermetically perfect way possible.

There’s no competition to us

Since our capper have the most advanced capping system as well as they are made of the best materials in the market, like stainless steel, Tedelta’s machines have no real competition. They are able to seal an amount of bottles per hour that can get up to 6000 just by adding a second capping head to the machine. We assure you a perfect finish in the production of your bottles.

Since our machines are made of stainless steel, you won’t struggle with their maintenance, which will be a lot easier. Plus, their lasting durability has no competition. Tedelta’s machines are designed to deliver the maximum speed in the bottle capping and doing it in the most precise way for the longest of times. And a real example of that are the machines we are about to show you right now.


This machine will place all kinds of aluminum caps in your glass bottles, despite their size or form. It is autonomous and easy to use in case you decide to place an operator to manipulate it. With this machine, you will get a hermetic seal and precise quality. It is made of stainless steel and it can increase your production up to 3000 bph.


This machine’s avant-garde and precise capping system assures a perfect sealing in all your bottles. It is amazing for the sealing of different types of both plastic containers and glass bottles. It is one of our fastest machines. It is also operator-friendly and a low maintenance capper.

Spreaded in the whole world

Tedelta is constantly developing new ways of always keep our machines with the most avant-garde capping system, and that Is because we have gained a lot of respect within the industry since all of our products are sold in the whole world.

We have tons of offices and branches where no matter where you are, you will be able to find us and get one of Tedelta’s signature cappers.

Also, we are a company that counts with more than 40 years in the business of capping machines making, and trough those years we have developed the expertize to create better machines from scratch, design them, and also build them, there for all of our products are 100% originals.

We are one of a kind with our customers

To us, the main interest is to keep our customers happy with what they have bough, which is why we are constantly new and developing better capping system for each one of our machines.

But also, we like to look up for perfection. In that matter, we like to offer the perfect pack for you, which includes a two years warranty per purchase.

Also you will be receiving a series of free instructional classes in order to learn more about our machines, plus reliable service in case something goes wrong. That way you can always felt safe and secure.

Get the best capping system in the industry by purchasing one of our cappers in our web site. We have an incredible team ready to answer all your questions by calling to our 24 hs attention service. We are your best option. Specialized technical service. Contact us!