Why Capping Machines Are So Important Nowadays

Containers are made from a huge variety of different materials. Whether it’s any of numerous types of plastic, glass, or Tetra packs, they are all widely employed in many different industries. The main purpose of these containers to preserve and protect different kinds of products while making them easily accessible by the final customer. Capping machines are a key piece of equipment in this process.

The use of containers has changed throughout the years. During the good old days, containers were just a practical form of packaging. Nowadays, it’s an integral part of the design concept as a whole. There are even cases where an object is more valuable if it is kept in the original packaging, so it’s clear how important it is to make a good and durable container with a cap that keeps the product and all its components in as good a condition as possible.

Caps and capping machines

Caps are pieces that may be made from the same material as the container, as in PET bottles, or a different material, such as crown caps on glass bottles; they are placed on the top of the container in a way that seals or closes it. It is important to point out that caps must have the same shape as the mouth of the container. That is, if the mouth of the container is oval, the cap must have that shape as well, although sometimes pieces can be used with different shapes and made from other types of material to provisionally seal a container. Modern capping machines can accommodate a growing variety of cap shapes, even allowing companies to have customized proprietary cap designs.

The importance of the use of capping machines to seal the containers is the fact that they avoid the contact of the content with any external material, and it also prevents the spilling of fluids or any other material, while reducing human error in the capping process and optimizing efficiency and the integrity of the seal.

In order to achieve this, it is mandatory that caps be made with the exact measurement that allows their edges to fit precisely with the mouth of the container. The precise measurements of the cap and container mean that a capping machine is the fastest and most reliable way to seal virtually any container.

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