Capping machine twist off

If what you are looking for is a capping machine twist off then you are in the right place to be. Here in Tedelta, we have the best capping machines of the market so you can fulfill your goals when it comes to the bottle production and selling business.

With Tedelta’s machines you will be able to seal most types of bottles for drinks, cosmetic products, an even more. We have an immense catalog of products that will be just perfect for you, because every single one of our machines are made to give our clients a polish sealing like no other in the market.

No other machine can do it best

Tedelta is a well-known company with more than 40 years being part of the bottle production machines world. But we are not the typical company, because we don’t just dedicate to sell cappers, because we also design, manufacture and construct them right from the start.

All of our products have to pass by a quality test before they are offered to our clients, that way we can be 100% sure that you will be getting a machine that is approved and able of doing what it supposed to do.

With our machines we will be giving you a high-quality capping, assuring you that your bottles will always be with a perfectly hermetic sealing. An example of this, are the machines we are about to talk to you about, which are nothing but perfect and able to do any capping task.


This capping machine twist off is nothing but perfect for any type of aluminum caps, which can be used to seal all kinds of glass bottles. It is made out of stainless steel, a characteristic that brings a lasting durability to the machine. Its head distributes the caps assuring and hermetic closure of the bottles.


This machine will place a numerous variety of caps on pretty much all kinds of bottles. Thanks to its Pick and Place system, the precision on the sealing will be higher and better. Its speed can be adapted so you can reach a goal of 6000 bottles sealed per hour, which is a pretty good number for a machine designed for small productions.


With this machine, you will be working with an In-Line capping system that is able of closing hermetically much kinds of bottles. It has also a pick-off system that brings a more precise close to the bottle. It can get up to 3000 bph and it doesn’t need that much of maintenance.

You are our focus

In Tedelta we take very seriously to accomplish all your expectations when it comes to the sealing of the bottles, so we have been working real hard trough the past 40 years to be able of fulfill your wishes by not only selling but designing and building every single one of our products.

All our products have the Tedelta logo printed on so that way you can certify the authenticity of them. That includes the replacement parts of the capping machine twist off, so whenever you need a new piece for your machine, you can be sure that everything will be all right because it is the same technology and quality.

We are everywhere

Tedelta is a multinational company with a lot of offices spreaded all around the world. That way we can maintain a more efficient communication with our clients and also being able to respond to anything they want to.

We are specialists in capping machines, so we offer you the best offers and promotions, as well as the best custom manufacturing service in order to make the machines you require, tailored to your spaces. We also offer you the best shipping, packaging, transportation and installation service in the market.

Get the most amazing capping machine twist off for your company. That you can only do it by getting into our web page and selecting the capper that fits the better in your expectations. You will be getting a two years guarantee plus a personalized technical service, attended by our amazing team. ¡Contact us!