The Right Capping Machine Price for Any Business

Some smaller businesses are intimidated by the thought of investing in more modern technology because of the costs involved. For many manufacturers of bottled products across multiple industries, this includes automated capping systems. However, we at TEDELTA want to let you know that the capping machine price doesn’t have to be so daunting, as long as you select the correct machine for your business’ production needs.

We have customers ranging from small startup companies to famous multinational companies whose brands are a household name. Each of them was able to find the right capping machine price based on the size of their business and manufacturing volume.

The three levels of standard capper system models we offer, from largest capacity to lowest capping machine price, are: rotary systems, linear systems, and semi-automatic capper machines.

Capping machine price: rotary, linear and semi-automatic

Rotary cappers (TEDELTA-CAR-100-ST and TEDELTA-CAR-100-TR) are ideal for businesses that require large production capacity and have the budget to match. In this video, you can see one of our rotary cappers in action applying flip-top caps to ketchup bottles. This format has a speed of up to 60,000 bottles per hour, depending on the number of capping heads used with the machine.

On the other hand, linear capping machines (TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST and TEDELTA-CAL-101-TR) are more appropriate for small- to medium-sized businesses, with an output potential of up to 3,000 bottles per hour. This is also a more economic option with a lower capping machine price because its linear setup is simpler and uses only one capping head. In the video below, you can see one of our linear machines applying caps to mustard jars.

Both the rotary and linear capping machine setups are available with two types of cap delivery systems: pick-off, which is compatible with mostly aluminum caps, and pick & place, which can accommodate an incredible variety of cap types, shapes and sizes, even specialty caps.

Finally, for very small operations such as startup businesses, small-batch breweries, quality control labs, etc., there is the semi-automatic capper, which has a very affordable capping machine price while providing many of the same benefits as a fully automated system. You can see this model in the video below:


TEDELTA also offers custom capping solutions. For more information on capping machine price and to get a personalized quote, please contact us through our website.