Capping Machine Pills

Tedelta’s capping machine pills or any other kind or medicines is the best tool for you that are looking for an efficient way to increase the production levels in your company. In Tedelta we have the best cappers for you and at the best price of the market.

We count with an endless catalog of capping machines and a bunch of other products that are all made for the one goal of help you increase you production numbers and with that full filing all your expectations.

Our machines are like no others

The capping machines we offer in our web store are all designed, constructed and manufactured by us, as well as the replacement parts for them, so we can assure you the best of qualities in the sealing of the bottles you produce, with a product that will keep the same level and technology no matter what.

In Tedelta, we take very seriously the fact that our customers are always satisfied with our products, which is the reason why we are constantly working hard so we can present to them the most avant-garde machines.

Our principal objective is help you increase your sales by using our capping machine pills or liquid medicines, and in order to help you accomplish your expectations we make cappers that are able of give your bottles a perfect and hermetic seal, just like the cappers we are about to talk you about right now.


This machine has the most advanced pick-off system, which allows your production get up to a number of 3.000 bottles per hour. It can be upgraded with extra heads in order of that number to be increased to 6.000 bph. It works with different types and sizes of glass bottles, sealing them with all kinds of aluminum caps.


With this machine you will be able to seal your bottles with a long variety of plastic caps. It is made of stainless steel so it won’t need much maintenance in terms of cleaning. It also works with all the different types of bottles in the market and is completely operator-friendly.

No one has more experience than us

We have more than 40 years in the business, designing, manufacturing, building and selling all kinds of cappers specially made for our customers. And all this years working in the business have given us the ability and knowledge to make even better machines, adapted to times but still avant-garde.

Our capping machine pills of any size and shape can seal bottles like no other can, and that is thanks to our incredible and experienced team of engineers and specialist who works in order to make the most advanced systems and parts for our cappers.

Trough the past of decades we have built the most trust worthy machines and parts, as well as we built strong relationships with our clients, which happens to be the most popular names in the global market. That can be supported in the fact that they always come back looking for new products made by us.

We want the best for you

In Tedelta, we have the best capping machine pills, tablets or capsules. But we have as well a special treatment for each one of our clients.

We you get a Tedelta product, any of them, you will also be getting a personalized special post-sale service that includes a two years guarantee, induction classes so everyone in your company can learn how to work with our machines in a perfect way. And if it wasn’t enough, we give you and a totally reliable service for all of the machines you have bought with us.

Buy the best capping machine pills of any kind. Get in our web page, buy one of our machines and take your company to the next level in the bottling business. We have a 24 hs attention service and a huge catalog waiting for you. Don’t think about it. Contact us.