Capping machine parts

There is no better place to find capping machine parts than Tedelta. We are an international company that has numerous offices all around the globe, so we have worked with the most prestigious marks and companies in the global market. That is why we know what our customers really want and what to do to fulfill all their requirements.

All these years of working in the business have given us the ability to know how to manufacture the best capping machines and replacement parts to seal any type of bottles and caps.

The importance on having one of our machines

Our primary interest as a company which happens to be excellent in the making of all the different capping systems in the market, is that every single product our clients get works perfectly and fulfill their expectations.

Tedelta’s machines are made of the best materials in the market and they are design by the most qualified team to do it: us. Tedelta is a company that not only dedicates to sell cappers, we are also responsible in the designing, construction and building of our products. Therefor every Tedelta product is identified with our logo.

Our machines are all 100% originals, and is not just the machines, but also the capping machine parts for them, the extra pieces and more. Our almost half of a century being part of the business has helped us to improve our systems as well as the machines even more. A clear example of that progress are the machines and parts we are about to show you next.


This capping machine has an excellent pick-off system complemented with a rotary system that allows the machine to increase the production of your company up to 3000 bph. It is able to hermetically close almost any kind of aluminum caps of a whole variety of glass bottles for beverages, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and even more.


This machine, although is designed for small productions, it can be as efficient as our other and bigger machines. This one has lineal system which is totally automatic; this means the machine is completely autonomous and doesn’t need an operator to work. That will rise up even higher the production numbers of your company.

Extra parts

Just like we said before, in Tedelta we make everything you can see in our catalog, and that includes all the capping machine parts that can improve the machine’s work even more.


Most of our machines can be upgraded with an extra head so the process of sealing gets even faster than it is already. And that is the case with Tedelta’s Roll-On capping head, which has been designed to perfectly seal bottles and containers with aluminum caps.

We are your best option

By buying a Tedelta product you will be getting nothing but the best of the best. Products that can accomplish all your expectations as an owner of a bottling company. Also, an important thing to stand out is that by getting any Tedelta product, you will have a two years guarantee in that product, plus a lifetime maintenance and technical service.

With more than 40 years of experience, we can say that we are experts in the bottling business, opinion that we share with our most well-known clients all around the world, so you can be sure that there is nothing like a Tedelta.

Get the bests capping machine parts for you Tedelta machine in our web page. We have tons of products waiting for you in our catalog. Personalized attention 24 hours. We assure you will not be disappointed. We are experts in the making and selling of the most effective capping machines. ¡Contact us!