Choosing the Right Capping Machine Head

When flexibility in production is important, having a variety of capping machine heads that all fit onto the same piece of equipment is a huge advantage. TEDELTA offers several different models of capping heads to offer our customers as much versatility as possible with their rotary or inline machine. Different types of caps and closures often require different capping heads to accommodate them. So, for a manufacturer that produces multiple shapes and sizes of containers, it is often necessary to have more than one type of head.


Most popular capping machine head from TEDELTA

One of the most popular types of caps is the skirted aluminum cap, mostly used in the beverage, wine and spirits industries. These bottle caps have the benefit of being very cheap, versatile and tamper-evident when applied correctly. At TEDELTA, we have an excellent capping machine head that is perfect for these types of caps: the TEDELTA-CR-504-TR thread capping head.

You can see this bestselling capping head in action in the video below. The CR-504 works like this: the cap is placed onto the bottle, and the head rotates and moves down until the plunger is resting on it. It then starts to exert pressure on the cap liner. Next, the arms of the head are pushed in towards, the center, all while the head continues to move down and place pressure on the cap.

The thread rollers in the capping machine head then mold the malleable metal of the cap into the free spaces between the threads on the bottle. Meanwhile, a separate roller creates the tamper-evident part of the cap. All of this happens in about 1 second, and the head comes back up, ready to cap the next bottle.

Other types of capping machine head models

Not every product is appropriate for a threaded aluminum cap. There are many different types of closures, and these require special capping heads to accommodate them. The variety of heads currently offered by TEDELTA includes:

The magnetic capping machine head, for example, can be used with a variety of cap types, including screw on plastic caps, pre-threaded caps, flip-tops, and even special caps. This makes it an extremely versatile option.

If you aren’t sure which of our many types of capping heads is right for your needs, please send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.