Types of Capping Machine for Plastic Bottle

These days, plastic containers are some of the most common packaging used across multiple industries. And for consumer goods, plastic bottles are an extremely popular choice. Plastic bottles have many applications, from food and beverage to personal care to cleaning supplies to pharmaceuticals. But no matter whether that plastic bottle is filled with a soft drink, shampoo, window cleaner or cough syrup, a secure closure is needed to ensure product quality and consumer safety.

One of the simplest ways to guarantee your containers are perfectly sealed every time is with a capping machine for plastic bottle. Automated systems like these reduce the risk of human error that can lead to an incomplete seal, which can create product waste and even lead to serious legal problems if it isn’t caught before it is sent to the distributor.

TEDELTA offers two different models of capping machine for plastic bottle, depending on the scale of your production line.

Types of capping machine for plastic bottles

Plastic bottles can be capped using either a rotary or inline system, with the highly flexible pick-and-place cap dispenser.

The rotary capping machine for plastic bottles is ideal for large-scale manufacturers because it can reach speeds of as much as 60,000 plastic bottles capped each hour. In this format, caps are dispensed onto the bottle head, and the bottle then moves through a rotary section where a star-capper equipped with multiple capping heads seals the caps onto the plastic bottles.

On the other hand, the inline capping machine for plastic bottles is better suited to lower volume businesses because its maximum output is 3,000 bottles per hour. This setup uses a single capping head that seals each cap onto each bottle one at a time after the cap is dispensed through the chute.

In both cases, the pick-and-place cap delivery system provides maximum flexibility when sealing plastic bottles. Not only does this method allow for a wide variety of cap types (plastic, aluminum, cork, t-cork, pilfer proof, sports caps, flip-top, specialty caps, etc.), it also allows several different caps to be used on the same production line at the same time.

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