Capping Machine for PET plastic Bottles in the Beverage Industry

Polyethylene terephthalate, better known as PET, is one of the most common materials used in our modern world. It’s a type of plastic that is widely used in multiple industries, including food and beverage in the form of plastic beverage bottles and other packaging. Companies that manufacture products bottled in these plastic bottles require special equipment to ensure the caps are properly sealed, which comes in the form of a capping machine for PET plastic bottles. These automatic capper machines ensure a hermetic seal when the cap is applied to the bottle, and in many cases, a tamper evident closure can be achieved.

At TEDELTA, we have two different models of capping machine for PET plastic bottles. This equipment means that an efficient, consistent and high quality closure is within reach for businesses of any size, from the largest multinational corporations like Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi, to local manufacturers of bottled beverages.

Two models of capping machine for PET bottles

TEDELTA’s two base models of capping equipment for PET bottles are highly versatile and can be used with a wide variety of cap types, particularly when fitted with the TEDELTA- CR-504-ST capping head, which can be used to apply aluminum caps, pilfer proof caps, roll-on caps, etc. onto PET bottles and other types of containers as well.

The first model is the rotary capping machine for PET plastic bottles. The rotary format can be fitted with multiple capping heads, which increases the machine’s efficiency and allows it to reach a processing speed of as much as 60,000 PET bottles capped per hour, with the maximum number of heads installed. This means that this model is ideal for large volume manufacturers that require a highly resistant machine that requires minimal greasing and maintenance.

The second model is the inline capping machine for PET plastic bottles. In contrast to the rotary model, the inline system uses a single capping head working at maximum efficiency, for a maximum processing speed of around 3,000 PET bottles per hour. As such, this equipment is more suitable for smaller manufacturers who want the highest quality machinery but don’t require massive outputs each day.

TEDELTA can install and service your capping machine for PET bottles anywhere in the world. For more information on our products, to request a customized quote or to discuss a tailor-made capping solution, please contact us directly. One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.