Capping Machine for Bottles

Each step in the process of bottling liquid products is critical to protecting the quality and safety of that product. From cleaning and sanitizing the bottles, to filling them, and finally sealing them, a mistake anywhere in the system can have a catastrophic impact on the product being sold. The sealing step can go wrong in a variety of ways if it isn’t done properly. For example, beverages that are sensitive to oxidation, like wines, can be ruined without a hermetic seal. Others are at risk of being contaminated with pathogens that can harm consumers. And in the case of carbonated beverages, an ill-fitted cap can turn the bottle into a ticking time bomb – literally! That’s why having a capper machine for bottles is so important.

Why use a capping machine for bottles?

Automatic capper machines are a simple way to ensure that your bottled products are correctly sealed, reducing product waste, protecting your customers, and saving you money in the process. Many times, capping errors are due to human error. Therefore, automated systems like a good capping machine for bottles can go a long way in improving product quality and safety, while also being a good investment in your business.

Types of capping machine for bottles

There are several different types of automatic capping systems available. At TEDELTA, we have four standard models, each with their own applications.

TEDELTA-CAR-100-ST, a rotary capping machine for bottles using a pick-off cap delivery system. Maximum output of up to 60,000 bottles capped per hour depending on the number of capping heads installed. Good for glass bottles and aluminum caps like Stelcaps.

TEDELTA-CAR-100-TR, a rotary capper system using a pick and place cap delivery mechanism. Same maximum output as the other rotary model. Appropriate for many types of containers, including plastic bottles, and many types of caps.

TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST, an inline capping machine for bottles that uses the pick-off system. Uses a single capping head and provides a maximum speed of up to 3,000 bottles per hour. Like the CAR-100-ST, the pick-off system makes it suitable for glass bottles and smooth aluminum caps.

TEDELTA-CAL-101-TR, an inline system that uses the pick and place cap delivery system. Same maximum capacity as the other inline model. Like the CAR-100-TR, the pick and place cap delivery mechanism makes it versatile for a wide variety of containers and caps, including specialty caps.

We’re sure we have a capping machine for bottles that is right for your company. For more information on any of our models or for a personalized quote, please contact us.