Capping Machine CAR 10 ST

If you are looking for the best capping machine CAR 10 ST in the world so you can accomplish all your wishes in the bottle sealing while increasing your production numbers, you have come to the right place.

In Tedelta we have the best cappers for you, with the most excellent systems that will easily seal any kind of bottles in the most precise way possible. With our machines you will get a perfect sealing in all of your bottled products.

We are synonymous of originality

We are experts in the making of the most qualified capping machines. They are all assembled with original parts so we can assure you an excellent seal in all of your bottles.

Tedelta’s machines are designed, built and manufactured by our incredible team of professionals that know how to make a capping machine CAR 10 ST of the highest quality for your company.

We have in our catalog, a ton of products waiting for you to get them, which is the reason why we are going to show you right now a couple of our most amazing cappers, so you know what we have to offer you.


This machine will help you increase your production like no other. It has an amazing Pick-Off system that allows you to boost up your production numbers up to 3000 bottles per hour. This capping machine CAR 10 ST is able of set all types of aluminum caps in almost all the different kinds of glass bottles.


In this machines case, you will get an In-Line capping system that hermetically closes most kinds of bottles. It has comes with a pick-off system that helps the machine to close the bottles in an even more precise way. It can get up to 3000 bph and it doesn’t need much maintenance.

We have experience and professionalism

Tedelta is a company that has almost half of a century working in the making of the best cappers in the market. Thanks to that, we have been able of working with some of the most recognized and popular companies and marks in the market.

We characterize ourselves by being hard workers and always improve the level of our machines, raising the bar to the competition and always giving our clients nothing but the best quality.

We can solve any problem

We know that sometimes a capping machine CAR 10 ST can present some problems, and that is totally normal with machines that are constantly closing bottles in the most precise way, after all, they are machines that needs rest and maintenance now and then.

In case it’s needed, we got you covered, since in Tedelta we offer an incredible free lifetime maintenance service handed by our awesome team that will solve any problem you might have with our machines.

Also, by the purchase of one of our products, you get the chance of getting special introduction classes that will teach you and your workers on how to manipulate a capper and pretty much everything you need to know about Tedelta’s machines.

Without a doubt, we are the best option for you to increase the production levels in your company with the help of a machine that will hermetically seal all types of bottles and give you the fastest work in the industry.

Get the best capping machine CAR 10 ST in our web page. We have a huge variety of products in our catalog, including amazing cappers and accessories. We are specialist in the making of capping machines with the highest quality. We work 24 hours a day. Don’t think about it and Contact us!