TeDelta’s Capping Head Options: High Performance and Adaptability

Creating capping heads that cater to the needs of such a diverse range of industries is not a matter we take lightly. Not only do the beverage and food industries present a wide spectrum of different capping and packaging possibilities, there is also the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical products industry and the beauty, health and cosmetics industry, each with their own ideas of performance excellence while also having a common goal of reducing production and packaging costs as much as possible.

Overcoming this challenge has become our goal at TEDELTA, and because of this, the creation of special lines in capping head solutions represent one of the company’s most important tasks that distinguish us from our competitors.

Capping head options at TeDelta

TEDELTA works with four specific sets of capping heads:

First, we have the Decapping Head (TEDELTA CD-401-ST), conceived for decapping of glass or returnable PET bottles, attending to the market’s current demands of plastic, aluminum and twist-off caps and guaranteeing high performance and durability.

Next, the Magnetic Capping Head (TEDELTA C.M 706 T.R). Highly adaptable, this capping head is ideal for roll-on caps, flap tops, flip tops, and other special closures. You can rely on its consistent torque application performance over a wide range of spindle speeds while also allowing for quick design changes without much effort or the need for special tools for torque adjustment, top load, or chucks.

The Roll-on Capping Head (TEDELCA CR-504 ST) is specifically designed to ensure optimum sealing efficiency of bottles and containers with aluminum caps, pilfer proofs, roll-on caps, pedi strips, and others ranging from 18mm 38mm closures with the possibility of improvement for special closure types.  With two variable thread rollers and adjustable flange rollers, it can ensure uniform lateral pressure, enabling the thread to roll out with the utmost precision. With the proper adaptations, it can also be used with machines from other manufacturers.

Finally, we have the Push-On Capping Head (TEDELCA C.P 101. TR), designed for push-on stoppers, non-refillable stoppers, corks, flip tops, shaped tops, overcaps, etc. Guarantees top performance with the lowest maintenance costs, easily adjustable and with high durability.

TEDELTA has thus managed to provide for their clients and assist them in their diverse needs, driven by the desire to help companies develop the best solutions for their packaging process.

For more information about capping heads and to find the right system for your business, please visit our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.