Capping Head Assembly

If you are looking for the perfect capping head assembly for your capping machine, then you have come to the right place. Here in Tedelta, we are specialist in selling this type of machines that are the perfect tool for your company to become the number one in production.

With the help of one of our machines, your company will raise up its production levels to numbers you have never reached. We are makers of the most effective cappers so as the extra parts for them in the whole industry. Tedelta products will help you seal the hugest number of bottles in the shortest amount of time.

We also count with a huge catalog filled with all kinds of cappers and capping heads plus other extra parts of machinery for them. And the best part of it is that you can purchase all of it just by getting into our web page and then picking the product you need.

Tedelta is filled with specialist

In Tedelta we have a bunch of specialist on the area of designing, building and selling the most effective cappers of the market. And we can assure that to you since all of our products are made by ourselves from scratch. Tedelta’s capping head assembly and other products are 100% original pieces idealized, designed, manufactured and made by us. That way we can be sure of only offering the best of the best to our clients.

But also, we assure you will always get an answer from us, especially because we know that machines are not infallible and when you need a hand to help you out, one of our main post sale services will come to ligh: A reliable service that will prevent your machines and its pieces to damage so they can always perform at their best, just like the amazing capping heads we are going to talk you about right now do.


With the help of this capping head you will seal your bottles with all kinds of push-on and cork caps in the most perfect way. Is it a head made of stainless steel and it is made in order to change its capping working system depending on the type of cap it is working with at the moment.


This decapping head is designed to work only with returnable bottles, and it removes caps from them in the most precise way. It removes caps of all kinds. It also comes with a safety system that prevents the bottle to get damage when the head is removing the cap.

More than machines and machinery

In Tedelta we characterize for selling some of the most effective capping machines of the market, but we, as a company, are more than that. Our quality is incomparable, and the treatment we have with our clients is one of a kind, and you will be able to see that thanks to our post sale services.

By the purchase of one of our machines or capping head assembly, you will get the high quality of the products so you don’t have to worry about anything occurring to your machine through that time.

You will also receive a series of instructional classes that will help you and your workers learn all you need to know about how to work with our machines.

Tedelta has a tail of experience

Tedelta is an international company with almost a half of a century of experience in the making of the most effective and qualified cappers in the market. And is thanks to all that experience that we can assure you will be pleased with our products and never came back to old ways.

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