Capping Equipment

The best capping equipment for your company you can only find it in Tedelta. A machine from us is the perfect tool you could need in order to raise up the production levels in your company to numbers that you would never thought of. We make the most effective capping machines in the market which will seal the most of bottles in the less amount of time, thanks to their all original parts and avant-garde technology.

40 years increasing levels

We are an international company with more than 40 years of experience in the making of the most effective cappers in the market. We have worked with some of the world most well-known companies and marks around the world, who have always felt satisfied since our products gives the most hermetic sealing to all kinds of bottles.

We also have to tell you that we own offices all around the world, which has allowed us to make very good connections with our customers, getting to know what they really want depending on where they are. Thanks to our international status we are able of selling the most avant-garde machines, with amazingly effective systems, everywhere in the planet. Just like the ones we are showing you right now.


This machine will fulfill your expectations when it comes to the quality of the bottle sealing. It can cap a huge variety of bottles with most types of plastic caps. Made of stainless steel, this capper has a long lasting durability and an amazing functionality. It is an autonomous yet operator friendly.


This capper will place any kind of aluminum cap in your bottles thanks to its capping equipment. It doesn’t need the help of an operator to function in a proper way. It will give you a perfect seal getting to cap an approximate number of 3000 bottles per hour just by using a single capping head, although you can lift those numbers up by adding more heads and make it go up to 6000 bph.

Our machines are made by the best team

In Tedelta we are specialist in the selling of the most effective cappers of the market. We, as a company, characterize ourselves by making all the products we show in our huge catalog. Tedelta´s machines are 100% original products, designed, manufactured and totally made by an incredible team of professional and experienced mechanical engineers, from the working systems to the machinery details. Everything you see is from us.

We can make a machine only for your company

In the other hand, we offer you other services besides the typical capping equipment for your company. If you want to, we can make a custom machine out of your exigencies. We will make the perfect machine just for you. Whatever you want, we can build it for you and we assure you will get the best quality for your bottle sealing.

We also have an excellent post-sale service for you that includes a the high quality of the products plus a high quality product and a series of instructional classes that will help your workers learn all they need to know about how to take the most out of a Tedelta machine.

To get the most effective capping equipment for your factory in our web page. We have personalized technical service and a 24 hs attention service willing to answer all of your questions. Increase your production. Original parts. Best materials in the market. Contact Us!