Capping Equipment Manufacturers

If you are looking for a company filled with capping equipment manufacturers that will make the best capping machines of the market, you have come to the right place. Our machines are able of fulfill all your expectations in the production of bottles.

In Tedelta, we have the best capping machines of the market, with certified quality and effective sealing systems. With our machines, you will be able to seal most types of bottles with almost all types of caps there are in the market.

Our machines are high quality products

With the help of our machines, you will experience a high quality capping that will set in the most precise way any type of cap, so your bottles have a hermetic sealing like no other. That is all thanks to the avant-garde systems we have developed for our products that are out of this world.

We have been able of developing the most amazing working systems for our machines. And that is thanks to the knowledge we have gotten through more than 40 years of being part of the bottle production industry.

We are specialist capping equipment manufacturers in designing, manufacturing and constructing different types of capping products from the start, from little machinery parts, to huge capping machines that will increase your production levels up to the heaven.

We offer nothing but the best products to our customers. And we can assure you that because all of the products in our catalog have passed the most rigorous quality tests in order to be approved and certified as the best cappers. Just like the ones we are going to show you next.


This semi-automatic capping machine is perfect to seal with any type of aluminum or plastic cap. It is a versatile capper that works with some of the most popular kind of caps in the market. It gives bottles a hermetic seal like no other machine can. It is made out of stainless steel which gives it a long lasting durability.


This special service presents machines that are made from specific suggestions from our customers. That means they are custom made machines manufactured by our team of capping equipment manufacturers. They will make machines of all kind with special systems that will make your company grow even bigger and faster. Machines made of stainless steel, and equipped with the best Tedelta original parts and machinery.

We distribute and sell in the whole world

In Tedelta we not only sell machines in the US, but also distribute our qualified machines all around the globe. We are an international enterprise with branches all over the planet, and you can find us anywhere.

Our promotions are insane

Tedelta is a multinational company that knows how important is to take care of our customer even after they purchase one of our products. And taking that as a premise, we offer services that are insane, like our reliable service that is handed by our team of experts that will maintain your capper always in the perfect status.

We also got your back with two years of full warranty given to you just by purchasing one of your products, complemented with instructional classes for your workers, so they learn how to manipulate our machines in the most effective way.

Get machines made by amazing capping equipment manufacturers for your company. Get in our web page and pick the capper that fits the better to your needs. Personalized technical service, attended by our amazing team. We will answer all your questions. Experts in the industry. Don’t think about it a Contact us!