A Capper Machine for Every Industry

Manufacturing technology these days has become so advanced and commonplace that it is possible to find virtually anything in a packaged container. And many of the products we use every day come in containers that have a cap closure, from food and beverage products to cosmetics and personal care, and even chemical products used at home and industrially. All of these different products have very different purposes, which means their containers are often quite different as well. And even if the same type of container is used by two different manufacturers, they may have different production needs that leads them each to choose a different type of capper machine.

For example, consider an opaque plastic jug with a plastic screw on cap. A manufacturer that produces thousands of these containers filled with household bleach will have very different needs than another manufacturer that creates small batches of pure maple syrup. Case in point: just because the container is the same, doesn’t mean the capper machine should be the same.

Many capper machine options from TEDELTA

TEDELTA has specialized in the field of capping equipment for more than 40 years, which is why we understand that different containers and different companies have different needs. For that reason, we offer four different standard capper machine models. In addition, we can provide tailor-made capping solutions should your business require one.

Rotary capper machine options

Our two types of rotary capping systems are designed to meet the needs of large manufacturers that require maximum efficiency for high volume production. They differ in the type of cap delivery system they use, which influences the types of caps and containers they are suitable for. Our rotary pick-off capping machine is ideal for glass containers and molded aluminum caps. Our rotary pick-and-place system, on the other hand, is appropriate for plastic containers with a wide variety of caps, including specialty caps.

Inline capper machine options

In contrast, the inline capping equipment is better suited to smaller production volumes. The two models use the same two cap delivery mechanisms described above, with the inline pick-off machine being best for glass bottles and aluminum caps, while the inline pick-and-place gives a great deal of flexibility in container and cap type.

Need help picking the right capper machine? You can contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, and we will be happy to assist you.