See Them in Action: Capper Machine Video

The machines that are used in bottling plants and factories to automatically place and seal are impressive pieces of equipment. They move impressively fast, so if you are just casually passing through on a factory tour, you might not be able to fully appreciate what is going on. A capper machine video can be very useful in this case, if you are interested in understanding just how capping machines work.

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In this post, we feature a capper machine video of three different models offered by TEDELTA.

Rotary capper machine video with pick-off system

In this video, you can see our rotary ROPP capping machine applying pilfer proof caps to bottles of olive oil.

This machine uses a pick-off cap delivery system, which is compatible with skirted aluminum caps like pilfer proof caps, as well as other types of aluminum caps. As you can see in the video, uncapped bottles enter the capper from the left, and exit on the right, perfectly capped and sealed. Around the 1 minute mark, you can see a close up shot of how the caps are dispensed and “picked off” by the bottle as it passes underneath it, and the intermittent star system with the capping heads which seal them on.

Rotary capper machine video with pick-and-place system

In this next capper machine video, you can see another rotary capping machine, this time with a pick-and-place cap delivery system that is compatible with a wide variety of caps, including specialty caps. This machine is applying sport caps to bottled beverages.

In this case, the pick and place system uses a sort of robotic arm to pick up each cap and place it onto the bottle. Then, one of the multiple capping heads will come down and apply downward pressure and torque to create a perfect seal.

Linear capper machine video with pick-and-place system

Our last capper machine video for this post is a linear capping machine with pick-and-place cap delivery. The big difference lies in the fact that it uses only one capping head, which makes it appropriate for smaller production volumes. In this video, you can see pre-threaded plastic caps being applied to jars of mustard.

We have lots more capping machine videos on our TEDELTA YouTube channel. If you would like more information about any of our models, please send us a message using the contact form on our website.