Cap Videos

If you want to see the most amazing cap videos that will help you learn all the important things you need to know about a capping machine, you have come to the right place, because in Tedelta we sell the most effective capping machines in the market so your company increase its production to levels you would never expected.

In Tedelta we look to help your company increase its production levels like never before, which is the reason why we are always improving our different technologies and systems.

40 years being excellence makers

We are an enterprise with more than 40 years in the making and selling of the most qualified and effective cappers in the global market, and trough that time, we have worked with the most prestigious marks and companies by helping them increase their production numbers and the quality in the sealing of their bottles.

We are also an international company that has multiple offices around the world, which gives us the opportunity of giving our one of a kind quality to different marks all over the globe, so wherever you look, you see a Tedelta machine.

Our machines are by far, the most efficient machines in the market, and that is because they present the most advanced systems in order to seal all kinds of bottles with different types of bottles, just like the machines that we are going to talk you about, just now.


This machine will accomplish any task you give to it. Made out of stainless steel, it present an incredible durability while capping an amount of 3000 bottles per hour. It is able of seal with all kinds of aluminum caps, and it comes equipped with one of our most sophisticated capping heads.


This machine has a rotary system which happens to be one of the more effective in the market. You can upgrade this machine by adding more heads so you can boost your production up to 6000 bph or more. It is operator friendly so it doesn´t needs a person to fully make it work.

Capping Solutions

In Tedelta, we offer capping solutions to our customers, so if you are looking to watch cap videos for information before you purchase one of our machines, you can find that in our website. We offer nothing but the best capping machines, and we know that sometimes a video can be an even better way to show that.

It is important for us to tell you that we idealize, design, manufacture and build every product in our large catalog. That means all of our products are 100% original Tedelta products, made by the best team of experts and engineers which assure quality and efficacy.

Always involved with you

If the quality of our machines weren´t enough, and after you watch our cap videos you still not convinced about Tedelta´s level of excellence, then we have to tell you that if you purchase one of our products, we are going to give you a two years warranty plus instructional classes and a high quality product four your machines

In Tedelta our main interest is not only sell you a machine, but give you the best tool in order to help you in your company and make you stand out from the rest.

Watch the best cap videos in our web page, and learn even more about the machine you want to buy. We are experts in the capping market. Personalized technical service. Guaranteed quality. Best parts in the market. ¡Contact Us!