Cap Tightener Machine for Any Cap and Container

For any bottled product in any industry, having a perfectly sealed cap is essential. In food and beverage, this is necessary to preserve the quality of the product and protect consumers from potential foodborne illness. For other industries, it is simply a matter of ensuring the product isn’t contamination or decomposed by external agents. In any case, having a cap tightener machine is a sort of insurance policy for any company that makes bottled products.

Of course, there are many different types of containers used across the various industries. And there are even more types of caps, with a variety of shapes, sizes and materials available. Not all cap types are compatible with every cap tightener machine. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with your product packaging before you invest in equipment like capping systems. Once you have that established, you can choose which of TEDELTA’s cap tightener machine models is best for you.

Four models of cap tightener machine

TEDELTA’s automatic capping machines can be broadly grouped as linear cappers or rotary cappers. Within those two groups, there are also two types of cap delivery systems: pick-off and pick-and-place.

Linear or inline cap tightener machines use a single capping head which efficiently seals each cap on its container one at a time. Because caps are placed one by one, the maximum output of these machines is 3000 bottles per hour (bph). This format is available as a linear pick-off system or alternatively, a linear pick-and-place system.

On the other hand, rotary cap tightener machines can be fitted with multiple capping heads with an intermittent star system, allowing a new bottle to start being capped before the previous one has finished. This gives these capping machines a potential running speed of up to 60,000 bph depending on how many capping heads are used. Just like the linear models, the rotary format comes in either rotary pick-off or the rotary pick-and-place cap delivery system.

In the video below, you can see the TEDELTA rotary cap tighter machine using the pick & place cap delivery. This delivery system is very versatile and can be used with many different kinds of caps, including pre-threaded plastic caps and screw on caps like the ones seen in the video.


For more information on one any of our cap tightener machine models, please contact our TEDELTA experts. We are happy to help!